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Support Group meeting information dates for November/December 2021 now updated including: Cathleen Osborne from the National Cancer Control Programme will present A course developed for cancer patients in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society. More information available below

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Support Groups

Find out about regional Multiple Myeloma Ireland Support Group contacts and meeting information/locations.

Patients and their families are invited to attend.

To find your local multiple myeloma support group:

BackgroundAbout Multiple Myeloma Ireland

MMI Vision – MMI recognise everyone’s experience of myeloma is unique – our vision is to be the trusted partner supporting you on your journey

MMI Mission – To inspire hope, promote awareness and contribute to health and well-being by providing support to every patient, carer and healthcare professional dealing with myeloma through education, advocacy and research.

MMI Values – Our core values guide our day to day behaviours, our decisions, our actions and our relationships with patients, family members, carers and healthcare professionals. These core values preserve what is special about MMI and provide us with a compass to navigate both strategic evolution and our day to day actions.

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Help & SupportSupport Groups

Support Group contacts and meeting information

Group Location Contact Info Meetings/Updates
Midlands Myeloma Support Group Dochas Cancer Support Centre, Tullamore
phone: 0867804007
Midlands Myeloma Support Group is hosting a meeting on Monday November 29th @ 19.00.

Cathleen Osborne from the National Cancer Control Programme will present. A course developed for cancer patients in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society
LACES: Life And Cancer – Enhancing Survivorship. All welcome

Mid-West Myeloma Support Group – Limerick Mid-West Cancer, Support Centre, University Hospital, Dooradoyle
Nicky 089 4830576
Mid-West Myeloma Support Group (Limerick) is hosting a Zoom talk with a physiotherapist
on Thursday Oct 14 th @7pm. All welcome. Meeting Link – click here
Dublin Arc Myeloma Peer Support Group Arc House 559, South Circular Road, Rialto
Ann 086 8117147
Next meeting via Zoom:
Wed. November 17th @12.30
Wed. December 15th @12.30
Multiple Myeloma Support Group North West Sligo Cancer Support Centre. mmspnorthwest@multiple
Sligo Cancer Support Centre
071 9170399
Zoom meetings the last Monday of each month
Drogheda Multiple Myeloma Support Group Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre Phone:041- 9805100
Meetings the first Wednesday of the month @2pm
Wexford Multiple Myeloma Support Group Hope Cancer Support Centre Mary O Neill email
maryo@hopesupportcentre .ie
053 9238555.
Next Zoom meeting Fri Dec 3rd @10.30.
Southern/Cork Multiple Myeloma Support Group. TBC Cork ARC 021 4276688
or Dermot @086 0611440
Next meeting Tues November 30 th

Support Groups allow people to talk about their experiences and feelings with others living with cancer. Being part of a group often creates a sense of belonging that helps each person feel more less alone and provide a sense of control.Meeting formats vary from group to group.

All are facilitator led and many include the support of a Health Care Provider. Confidentiality is very important.

Group activities may include guest speakers, social outings, fundraising activities and there is usually a cup of tea and an opportunity to chat.

Due to current Covid 19 restrictions face to face meetings are postponed. Virtual meeting via Zoom are taking place or being considered by some groups.

Please use the contact information above to get in touch with your nearest group if you would like to know more or attend a support group meeting.

Multiple Myeloma ResourcesMMI Podcast Series

Date Title Summary
Jul 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma: Michael O’Regan, Journalist and Broadcaster personal journey of Living with Multiple Myeloma

In this final podcast of the series, Journalist, ex-Irish Times correspondent, Kerryman, and Multiple Myeloma patient Michael O’Regan discusses his experience of living with the condition. Michael’s chat with Maire Treasa was recorded as part of the podcast series launch. In this engaging and honest account of Michael’s personal story he outlines his diagnosis and treatment journey, which was complicated by the fact that it was his second cancer diagnosis. His first being a tumour on his leg back in 2018, which could have delayed his multiple myeloma diagnosis. He describes how he had some “classic” symptoms of the disease such as chronic back pain, however  he was attributing these to his recovery from surgery and radiation for the leg tumour. Michael had felt unwell for some time and knew something was wrong. A routine test in 2019 finally identified multiple myeloma, which Michael describes as his “second spin on the cancer merry-go round”. Along with monthly intravenous medication, Michael is now also on kidney dialysis three times a week. Michael, openly gives his personal experience of how he has coped mentally with his diagnosis,  “I’d like to say I dealt with this with bravery and courage and acceptance – I didn’t. I never lapsed into self-pity but I did rage against a second cancer diagnosis”. He admits that, like many others diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the disease was not on his radar, and he knew very little about it when diagnosed. He is also honest about how he coped. For someone whose career is based on communication, he admitted that it took a while for him to talk about having cancer. He describes how he found opening up on a personal level difficult, but with the help and support of psychology and excellent healthcare professionals once he decided he would be open about it, it gave him a certain “freedom”. Michael outlines how he went through depression, exhaustion, the physical and the mental side of the condition and its treatment. He describes his journey through lost and adjustments to now living a “full life”. He describes how it is important to find the right way for each individual to cope. He talks about how the commitment of healthcare professionals and reading other peoples stories has help him, along with volunteer groups. Finally, Michael describes how “cancer can be dealt with” and the excellent treatment available to Irish patients. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Jun 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma: Updates on treatment approach for Multiple Myeloma, now and into the future.

In this podcast Professor Siobhan Glavey, provides an update of the rapid developments in managing Multiple Myeloma. Professor Glavey explains how the future has never been more hopeful as significant improvement in treatment options has resulted in unprecedented progression free survival (PFS). Today not only are patients living longer, they have a healthier quality of life. Professor Glavey explains the many variables in managing myeloma and the importance of a personalised approach, using the right drugs with the right patient. In her discussion with Maire Treasa she outlines the many factors that influence the decision to treat a patient including patient related factors and treatment related factors. She describes the findings from clinical trials and gives an overview of the results presented at the American Society of Haematology (ASH) annual conference. She explains how for patients who are transplant eligible the results at ASH confirm transplant is here to stay, as 3 year PFS was better in those who received a transplant. In addition, Prof Glavey explains for transplant ineligible patients, effective treatments have also resulted in increased PFS. She explains how 3 drug combinations is standard today in Ireland for the majority of patients. However, in the future 4 drug  combinations will be used with each drug having a different mechanism of action to treat the disease. No one size of treatment fits all and it is important to consider different drugs or different drug doses when treating individual patients and managing side effects. She explains there is no wonder drug, she highlights the importance of availability of clinical trials for our patients and the importance of continually pushing the boundaries. Prof Glavey outlines how we have a good repertoire of drugs with many more still to come including antibody drug conjugates. The future is brighter as we work together to treat Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Jun 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma: Emotional Adjustment and Coping

In this podcast Dr Norma Jean Murphy, Chartered Senior Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, chats to Maire Treasa about overcoming the overwhelming reactions patients may feel at diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma from shock, disbelief, anger, sadness, loss and for some relief they finally have a diagnosis particularly as many patients may have been unwell for some time. She explains there is no right way or wrong way to deal with a diagnosis, each person’s experience is unique and each patients journey is personal and individual. Norma Jean explains the importance in processing emotions and coping with adjustment. She describes how reactions change over time from diagnosis to recovery. She outlines the importance of creating a pause and tuning in to our emotions. She stresses the need for self-care and compassion. She emphasises the benefit of understanding ones emotions as they occur as well as the importance of giving permission to feel those emotions. She describes how stress and distress levels are on a continuum but are often transient in nature. Throughout the podcast Norma Jean emphasises the importance of recognising and managing stress and distress levels whilst also focussing on ways to alleviate it. She provides excellent advice on self-awareness and self-care in adjusting to life with multiple myeloma. She emphasises patients are not alone and describes the importance of having support network around you when dealing with the new language a cancer diagnosis brings. Talking with others is important, however Norma Jean acknowledges the difficulties patients may experience in what she describes as the ‘toothpaste moment’ and dealing with other people’s reactions.  She stresses therefore the importance of going at your own pace and managing other peoples plans and expectations. Finally Norma Jean outlines the importance of connecting with others, gaining their support and the availability of specialist supports services nationally. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Jun 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma – Diet and Multiple myeloma

In her engaging conversation with Maire Treasa, Ruth Kilcawley Senior Nutritional Support Dietitian at University College Hospital, Galway describes the impact of what we eat on our physical health. Ruth outlines the role of good diet and nutrition in managing cancer, reducing infections and improving Multiple Myeloma patients quality of life. Ruth stresses the importance of maintaining strength whilst undergoing treatment. She shares advice on how to balance and manage food intake. Ruth explains the importance of food variety, mixed food colours and choosing safe foods to maximise nutrition in cancer and in living with multiple myeloma. Ruth also outlines the role of the dietitian in assessment of patients nutritional status and explains the role of dietary counselling techniques to address some of the issues Multiple Myeloma patients experience during their treatment. She provides excellent tips and advice on how to overcome challenges with taste and smell which will assist patients better tolerate treatment. She emphasises how eating regularly, fuels the body. In addition, she discusses the role of nutritional supplements and cautions on the risk of overuse of supplements. Moreover, she highlights the importance of getting the balance right, we all deserve the occasional treats once in moderation! Finally, Ruth provides advice on managing sources of information and where to seek evidence based advice on a balanced, nutritional, safe diet for cancer patients. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

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