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May 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma. –Managing side effects of Multiple Myeloma treatment.

In this podcast, Theresa Meenaghan an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Haematology, discusses the importance of early recognition and early intervention of treatment side effects. By raising the red flag early she explains we can maintain patients on treatment longer and get the best results. Theresa highlights how newer multiple myeloma treatments are less associated with the traditional side effects of chemotherapy, but have their own unique side effect profile. Theresa outlines very clearly the effects of treatment on the ‘blood factory’, kidneys, bones and nerves. Theresa also provides important tips on how patients can manage common side effects of steroids, bone medication as well as managing symptoms including fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. Finally, Theresa highlights the importance of not suffering in silence, healthcare professionals are there to help you manage any side effects, don’t be afraid to ask no matter how trivial or embarrassing it may be for you, our aim is to keep you on treatment with the minimum side effects for as long as they are effective. “Cancer is only one chapter in your life it’s not the whole story”. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Apr 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma. – Understanding Smouldering Multiple Myeloma

In this podcast, Dr Gerard Crotty, Consultant Hematologist explains Monoclonal Gammapathy of Undermined Significance (MGUS) a non-cancerous condition of the plasma cells and the slow growing cancerous process or early form of myeloma, Smouldering Multiple Myeloma. Dr Crotty explains how treatment outside a clinical trial is not indicated in patients with either condition, however close monitoring is required. For patients living with MGUS only a small no of patients will progress to Multiple Myeloma and will require treatment. For patients with Smouldering Multiple Myeloma abnormal cells can be detected in the bone marrow and an abnormal protein can be detected in the blood or urine but patients have none of the typical symptoms of active disease and monitoring regularly for signs that may indicate progression to active disease is the mainstay of management. Understanding MGUS or SMM can be challenging for patients, Dr Crotty highlights the key symptoms patients need to report to their treating team. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Apr 2021 Living with Multiple Myeloma. – Managing the “Not Knowing”- Finding our power

In this podcast, Joanna Sweeney a systemic family therapist, explores the impact and challenge of “Not Knowing” following a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. “Not knowing” what MM is, what it means for me, for my family, not knowing how to cope and make sense of all the changes. Joanna discusses understanding loss following a diagnosis and finding empowerment. She outlines the importance of building resilience, finding inner strengths, meaning and purpose in the patient and family unit. She also describes how emotional regulation and family therapy strengthens family resilience to cope with adversity and perhaps even grow from it together. Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

Apr 2021 Managing infection in Multiple Myeloma and the role of vaccinations including Covid 19 vaccination

In this short episode Prof Paul Browne, Professor of Haematology at Trinity College, Dublin, outlines Important information on managing infection in Multiple Myeloma and the role of vaccinations including Covid 19 vaccination Multiple Myeloma Ireland: Website Facebook Twitter This podcast has been produced by Fuzion Communications.

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Support Group contacts and meeting information

Group Location Contact Info Meetings/Updates
Midlands Myeloma Support Group Dochas Cancer Support Centre, Tullamore
phone: 0867804007
Online meetings the last Monday of the month @19.00 contact to register.

Next meeting via Zoom Monday May May 31st @ 7 pm

Mid-West Myeloma Support Group – Limerick Mid-West Cancer, Support Centre, University Hospital, Dooradoyle
Nicky 089 4830576
Next Zoom meeting on Thursday May 20th @7 pm
Dublin Arc Myeloma Peer Support Group Arc House 559, South Circular Road, Rialto
Ann 086 8117147
Next meeting Wed May 26th @1pm
Multiple Myeloma Support Group North West Sligo Cancer Support Centre. mmspnorthwest@multiple
Sligo Cancer Support Centre
071 9170399
Zoom meetings the last Monday of each month
Drogheda Multiple Myeloma Support Group Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre Phone:041- 9805100
Meetings the first Wednesday of the month @2pm
Wexford Multiple Myeloma Support Group Hope Cancer Support Centre Mary O Neill email
maryo@hopesupportcentre .ie
053 9238555.
Zoom Meetings the first Friday of each month @10.30am

Next meeting Fri May 17th @10.30

Cork Multiple Myeloma Support Group TBC Dermot @086 0611440 This is a new group currently being set up.

Support Groups allow people to talk about their experiences and feelings with others living with cancer. Being part of a group often creates a sense of belonging that helps each person feel more less alone and provide a sense of control.Meeting formats vary from group to group.

All are facilitator led and many include the support of a Health Care Provider. Confidentiality is very important.

Group activities may include guest speakers, social outings, fundraising activities and there is usually a cup of tea and an opportunity to chat.

Due to current Covid 19 restrictions face to face meetings are postponed. Virtual meeting via Zoom are taking place or being considered by some groups.

Please use the contact information above to get in touch with your nearest group if you would like to know more or attend a support group meeting.

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