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September 2019 MM Stem cell transplant – What happens in a stem cell transplant?

Danielle Barron reports Autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) is a common treatment for patients with multiple myeloma. It involves the removal or “harvesting” of stem cells from the patient’s blood. These are then stored (cryopreserved) while the patient receives high dose chemotherapy, after which the stem cells are returned to the patient. It remains the […]

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October 2018 The rapid evolution of multiple myeloma management

Eminent haematology specialist Dr Enrique Ocio is a consultant physician in the haematology department at the University Hospital of Salamanca and clinical researcher at the Cancer Research Centre of the University of Salamanca. He spoke to Danielle Barron about how multiple myeloma treatment is evolving We have advanced a lot in multiple myeloma in the […]

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May 2018 Report: Amyloidosis Q&A

MMI Amyloidosis -April 2018 Dr John Quinn, consultant haematologist at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, recently answered some frequently asked questions about amyloidosis, why it can be confused with multiple myeloma, and how it may affect some people with multiple myeloma What is amyloidosis? Amyloidosis is actually the name given to a group of diseases, the most […]

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January 2018 The new normal – a carer’s perspective

My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma over 15 years ago, in 2002. He was turning 55, which was very young. It changes your life. I was very angry and very upset when I found out. Even still, I can be angry about it, but I have to put it to one side, because it […]

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July 2020 One of the Lucky Ones – MMI Pat Gately interview

MMI Patient and Family Day Report 2019: Living longer with multiple myeloma – Danielle Barron speaks to a patient who has benefitted from the daratumumab combination treatment

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July 2020 Covid19: Advice to multiple myeloma patients

What do we know about the virus?- Danielle Barron Reports

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October 2019 Living longer with multiple myeloma

What do we know about the virus?- Danielle Barron Reports

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