Sugar And Myeloma Presentation – Michael O’Dwyer MD on Friday August 25 2017

Michael O’Dwyer MD will present “How Sugar Molecules Act as a Multiple Myeloma Smoke Screen” at NUI Galway, Friday, August 25 at 11:00.

Sugar molecules could act as a smoke screen for multiple myeloma cells, essentially hiding them from the immune system. The surface sugars, called sialic acids, can mark the cancer cells as “self” cells, giving the immune system the signal to ignore them. The glycosylation process (or the reaction when carbohydrates is attached to other molecules) is a process that produces DNA, RNA and proteins. This normal process is altered in multiple myeloma and could cause changes in cell signaling, adhesion and drug resistance. In this show we will explore how this affects multiple myeloma, how their presence can be detected and potentially treated, if food intake is related to the presence of sugar molecules and how it is tested for in myeloma.

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